Constance Bay Sandpiper Sailing Society:

The Constance Bay Sandpiper Sailing Society (formed in 1993) consists of cottage owners in Constance Bay, Ontario (along the Ottawa River, 20 minutes from Kanata and within the city limits of Ottawa). The population of village of Constance Bay consists of 3,000 and resides on the peninsula surrounded by around the Torbolton Forest.

There are six Sandpipers in Constance Bay and we have had regular weekly races in July and August for years. We have two trophies presented annually with a season ending pot-luck get together, and we encourage other Sandpiper owners to sail with us.

Acting Commodore: Bob Lawrence (who won this season's trophie 2007)

Admiral Status: Mr. M. Lawrence, who is currently in his 90ís and who has a rich history of sailing and racing for 50 years, and has been sailing the last 15 years until this past season (2006) in a Sandpiper.

Awards and Banquets: 

2009 Banquet for 2008 season TBA  (July 2009 sometime)

2008 Season Trophy: Bob Lawrence with crew Laura Cook in Summer Haze, 709.

2008 Single Race (Krazanoski Trophy): Doug Lazier with family as crew in True Blue, 966

A late start to the 2008 season, July 27th first race. Season wrapped up August 31 with the last race.

Awards and banquet for the past 2007 season at Commodore Bob's in Fitzroy Harbour on July 12, 2008.  Lots of sailing talk, great company and terrific food. Thanks to all who attended for their support.

We encourage sandpiper owners to come on out and sail with us! Feel free to contact any of us, Doug or Bob.


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