Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions just email them to us. We'll reply to them and post the general ones here.

My Sandpiper Boat is trailable, what should I be aware of?

Tires: To prolong tire life install Inner tubes in all your tires, including the spare which helps prevent your tires from going flat from leaks along the rims. To reduce the tires from cracking, cover or shade them from sunlight when not in use. In winter remove tires and store indoors.

Springs: For winter storage, jack up the trailer and lower onto blocks as it helps to ease all the weight off of the springs. Since the winter snow load can become quite heavy, cover the entire boat with a trap (secure the mast, laying on its side first) to prevent snow and ice buildup which can slide off. 

Lights: Before any trailering, perform a walk around inspecting everything. Check all the trailer lights (left, right, brake, night time) and wiring. Purchase a few spare bulbs and fuses and stow them in your vehicle in case of burn outs or in case you forget to unplug the trailer when launching in water.

What speed is a knot compared to mph?

A Knot" is another way to express wind speed. One knot equals one nautical mile per hour. Knot is the unit normally used to express wind speed in marine forecasts because it is the unit favoured in navigation. Conversion factors: 1 nautical mile = 1852 meters or 1.852 km
therefore 1 knot = 1.852 km/h and 1 km/h = 0.54 knot.

Where did you get the Sandpiper icon with the moving sails?

The Sandpiper565 website logo was designed by a former Sandpiper owner who gave it with all images to the website. It was designed as an animated colour .gif picture to display the hoisting of all the sails (genoa, mainsail and spinnaker). To create the end result took creating over 30 separate images that were combined into one animated picture to work just like a movie. 

Do racing sailboats have handicaps?

To have a fair race system that includes different classes, sizes of sailboats, and crew abilities, all racing at the same requires a handicap system. The method or handicap schemes used can vary for each sailing club.

The Royal Yachting Association uses the Portsmouth Yardstick Number Scheme (PY/PN numbers). The Performance Handicraft Racing Fleet Lake Ontario uses PHRF ratings. Other schemes use sail area, draft, displacement, sail aspect ratio and hull length to calculate a seconds-per-mile number. Time-on-time is another scheme that requires the fastest boat would to give time to the slower ones. 

What current handicap ratings are being used for Sandpipers ?

The Portsmouth Yardstick Number Scheme number for Sandpipers is 112 and and the PHRF rating for Sandpipers is 318 for White Sails and 300 for Spinnaker use. At the Nova Scotia Yachting Association, a sandpiper had the rating of 89 ASPN and 3007.9 PHRF

How many sails were built for the Sandpiper ?

There were 5 Sails built; Main, Geona, Working Jib, Storm Jib, and the Spinnaker. Jib sails are used in stronger winds and hence are smaller in size. The size or length of the jib sails is usually measured along the deck from the headstay pin to the front of the mast. The same sandpiper owner who created the Sandpiper565 logo constructed a measured drawing of his sails which is located in the Sailarea of the website

What is the Resale Value of Sandpipers ?

Sandpiper Sailboats were built from 1972 to 1991. The resale price can depend on allot of items such as; 

- Age of the boat (year made).
- Overall condition of the boat (any damage, leaks, paint peeling).
- Condition of the Hull (was it beached on rocks)?
- Condition of the Keel (screws up/down easily and not damaged).
- The quality and condition of the sails.
- The number of sails (Main, Geona, Working Jib, Storm Jib, Spinnaker).
- The hardware condition (lines, pulleys, anchor and anchorline).
- The condition of the rudder and screw keel.
- Has the Chemical Toilet been upgraded to a flush model?
- Does it include a VHF Radio, AM/FM radio and a GPS locator?
- Does it have night time lighting (bow, stern, mast, anchor, and cabin)?
- What is the size and condition of the Battery?
- Does it include a gas motor (5-9.h.p.) and external gas tank (2.5 - 5 gallons) and are both 100% functional?
- Does it include a trailer and is it highway safe? (new tires, rollers, lights).

Most Sandpipers sell between the range of $3,500 to $8,000 (Canadian 2007). 


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