Maintenance Tips:

Teak Rubrails

A number of owners with Sandpiper 565 sailboats have removed the teak rubrail by drilling out the plugs and then removing the screws. After re-finishing the wood they re-attach using 3M 4200to seal the screw holes between the rail and fiberglass hull and along the under edges. Lastly, they use new teak plugs to hide the recessed screws and use "Cetol Marine" on the wood.

Keel Screw

It's very important to grease the keel screw every 2nd year. It looks difficult but it's really easy. The screw is a naval bronze jackscrew and very strong, but the shape of the keel lends itself to damage if sailed into a rocky shoal at high speed. As a precaution after launching, always lower the keel in shallow water at the dock in case it decides to fall off the boat and go to the bottom.

On dry land, (as on a trailer) block up the centreboard in the fully retracted position from under the hull. Remove all the stainless screws holding the fiberglass cover onto the centreboard trunk top. Inside there are 4 large pop rivets holding the metal screw plate retainer down. Drill these out. Using the square wrench provided for the purpose, turn the square nut counterclockwise, raising it and the screw out of the lead keel assembly. Raise it as far as possible and grease the jackscrew with waterproof yacht winch grease (get this in the sailboat chandlery). Grease the nut at the bottom, and screw it all home again. Take this opportunity to check and if needed replace the ball bearing race. The bearing race is readily available from C&L Boatshop.

If the screw seems to bind too much when first raising it, either the grease is really dry, (Squirt oil down the shaft) or the screw has been bent from running the boat aground. (hopefully NOT!)


Stainless steel and aluminum don't mix hence you will basically be creating a battery when you place the two in contact with each other and when in contact will let galvanic corrosion to begin, your aluminum becomes a sacrificial anode. Ask any landrover owner and they will agree much better to invest in a cheap pop rivet gun and use all aluminum rivets.


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