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Sandpiper 565 Movies

TThe following movies are filmed by Sandpipers 565 Owners. If you want your movies listed here do send us an email. Connect your computer to the Big Screen TV, hook up the sound to the stereo, pop some popcorn, get your drinks ready and then sit back and enjoy. 

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Sandpiper 565 Movies List

The Sandpiper Movie, The Movie that inspired Leonardo the designer of our craft, to name it the "Sandpiper 565", with actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The Original Sandpiper (1965) trailer A classic movie with romance and yes there is sailing. 
The Sandpiper Movie remixed (1965),

Rendezvous Movies.

Sandpiper 565 R09, Sandiper 565 sailing Rendezvous 2009 at Midland Ontario, (4:27 minutes)  
Sandpiper 2007 Rendezvous - Rosseau Raid Good Sailing (hmm watch Sail 1162 try to heel a bit), channel crusing in shallow waters 3.5 feet, and rafting up together at the camp dock. (8.45 minutes). 

Movies for Linda and Darcy by wchsed

Spring Break Escape Cruise Charlotte Harbor, Fl, Canadian Sandpiper sailed well by Torontonians Linda and Darcy, April 2010, (0:38)

Movies by John Everingham known as Kiwi John on CL Forums..

Sandpiper 565 R09, Sandiper 565 sailing Rendezvous 2009 at Midland Ontario, (4:27 minutes)

Movies by Didier Plaat

A Movie of me Sailing My Piper (Piper.wmv

Movies by 565 Piper (on YouTube site), also known as Tailpiper on CL forums.

Big Honkin' Sail, Windy Island flies The Big Honkin' Sail on Mazinaw Lake in July 2010. The gennaker drives the boat to 115% of true windspeed and exceeds the traditional hull speed for this size of craft, Oct 2010, (3:57 minutes)
Mast Raising Corrina, Windy Islands Mast Raising System, July 2010, (1:32 minutes)
64 Mile Weekend, narrated and the producer of this great little video should qualify for a suitable grant! (5.38 minutes).
Capsize Test, Determining the Limit of Positive Stability or the Angle of Vanishing Stability for a Sandpiper 565, "I tried to sink Sapphire my Sandpiper but it wouldn't." June 16, 2008,  (4.03 minutes)
Duchess II, Orange Rocket Video. Two Sandpipers Crews battle high winds and large waves of Lake Erie, Ontario, while sailing from Leamington to Pelee Island and back. (4.17 minutes)
Girls Gone Windy, Tiffany & Crystal sailing Windy Island on Mazinaw Lake, July 2008, (2.09 minutes)

Movies by Greatheartedgadfly

Sandpiper 565 July 26 to 28 2010, August 2010, (6:50)
Sandpiper 565 Special Effects 1, July 2010, (2:32)
Sandpiper 565 South of beausoliel July 10 2010, July 2010, (2:39)
June Morning on Chimney Bay, slideshow and movie, inside interior, plus my cat, July 2009, (5:08)
Sandpiper 565 Sailing June 18 Georgian Bay Sound, Beausoleil Island to Chimney Bay, July 2010, (1:42)
Sandpiper 565 Georgian Bay July 10, 2010, July 2010, (4:43)

Movies by Joanne and Dennis Richard, Known as SuperPiper on Photobucket site and Tailpiper on CL Fourms.

Duchess II On Erie
Downwind in Light Air
Reaching and Reefing
Reefed and Reaching
Sailing in Close Quarters
The Rescue
Watch the Speed, 7.0 on a sandpiper.

Movies by Sid Lopatin (on Photobucket site)

Sailing Back From Pelee Island

Movies by Denis Marchesseault (on Photobucket site)

Sailing In Close Quarters
Windy Island Upwind

Movies by Whitson (on Photobucket site)

Sandpiper Replacement Head

Moves by Michel Boulet, Mari-Bell (on YouTube and Photobucket sites) known as Old Jong on Youtube and on CL forms as Piperman. Note: From the amount of videos that Michel produces, it shows that when the weather is good, the Sandpiper is quite stable, providing lots of time to get a few shots in even when solo sailing. 

Michel Boulet - Year 2010 in 480p
Un peu de voile, Pres de l'ile Sainte-Therese, What to do with some wind and a few hours to kill, September 2010, ( 1:12 minutes)
Cap sur la fin de saison, Voille et camping September 2010, (2:25 minutes)
Escapade au Lac Saint-Pierre, two Sandpipers, August 2010, (8:03 minutes) 
Le plaisir de la voile, Ballade sur le Saint-Laurent, Sailing my little sailboat on the Saint-Lawrence, near Montreal, August 2010, (3:32 minutes)
Un Samedi soir sur le fleuve, En face de Pointe-aux-Trembles, Nice wind . Nice evening. Sailing on the Saint-Lawrence, near Montreal, August 2010, (1:30 minutes).
Dans le petit ventre de Mari-Bell!, le comfort "spartite" a son meilleur!, The spartiate interior of a microcruiser, August 2010, (1:14 minutes).
Sortie au moteur, "Quand le vent se fait voir ailleurs", When there is no wind, July 2010, (1:35 minutes),
Fin de journée sur le fleuve, "Les plus belles heures", Quiet evening sailing on the Saint lawrence, near Montreal, July 2010, (2:44 minutes),
  Fleuve et voiles, Une matinee sur le Saint-Laurent, Sailing in the morning. East of Montreal region, on the Saint-Lawrence, July 2010, (3:20 minutes).
"Squatteur", un drole d'oiseau!, A funny bird who fell in love with my boat!, July 2010, (1:00 minutes).

Rencontres voilées, Navigation sur le fleuve, Sailboats on the Saint-Lawrence. Sailing in the Montreal region, July 2010, (2:21 minutes).

Rencontre sur le fleuve, Rencontre avec un vieux cargo sur le fleuve, July 2010, (1:09 minutes).

Une journée de voile, A nice day on the boat. Sailing on the Saint-Lawrence, near Montreal, July 2010, (7:27minutes).

Vogue mon petit voilier, Une sortie en soiree, sailing on the Saint-Lawrence, July 2010, (4:32 minutes).

Danger, We have to be careful. Some powerboatists are dangerous, July 2010, (0:22 minutes).

Seul sur mon petit voilier, Une sortie d'apres-midi, sailing on the Saint-Lawrence, July 2010, (1:59 minutes).

Dans la rafale, Par vents de 2-A-30 noeuds, testing the home made mizzen, July 2010, (2:31 minutes).

Ballade à voile, Another nice sail on the Saint-Lawrence, near Montreal, July 2010, (1:48 minutes)

Vroommmmm !, two speedboats choosing to keep a safe distance away, June 2010, (0:40 minutes) 

Laver les voiles, June 2010, (2:17 minutes)

La "sainte paix.", Voile tanquille un dimanche soir, June 2010, (1:22 minutes) 

Par un beau soir d'octobre, Un soir d'Octobre 2007, Sailing, east end of Montreal on the Saint-Lawrence, June 2010, (1:45 minutes).

Effet de marée en amont de Sorel, On voit bien le dingy qui semble surfer sur des petites vagues remonlanles. Tidal effect between Sorel and Contrecoeur on the Saint-Lawrence, June 2010, (0:45 minutes).

Ballade à voile, Par petit vent de travers, Ballade a voile en face de Point-auxTrembles, Smooth sailing, east of Montreal on the Saint-Lawrence, June 2010, (1:23 minutes).

Une petite ballade près de l'Île Sainte-Thérèse, Just sailing, enjoying the soft wind on a calm evening. Saint-Lawrence river, near the Sainte-Thérèse island, east of Montreal, June 2010, (2:23 minutes).

Petit Foc et Tape-Cul., Un essai par vent tres leger, Testing my new homemade mizzen sail. I am happy because the boat is sailing well in a very light wind, June 2010, (0:39 minutes).

Home made Yawl rig, Voil sur le Saint-Laurent, Premier essai de ma voile, First try out of the new yawl rig of my boat. Home made mast and sail. May 2010, (1:49 minutes).

Ballade au moteur, Chenal de Boucherville et sous le pont de l'Île Charron. Motoring along the Boucherville islands, May 2010, (4:06 minutes).

L'hiver, (winter), Images of boats, sleeping under their covers and my sailing territory in winter., January 2010, (3:40minutes)

Michel Boulet - Year 2009

Images de ma saison 2009 (part 2), Voile sur le Saint-laurent, pres de Montreal, December 2009, (3:31minutes)
Images de ma saison 2009 "Sur le fleuve, pres de Montreal", Images from my 2009 sailing season. Sailing on my Sandpiper 565, near Montreal, November 2009, (3:34 minutes).  
Le bon temps!, Mon petit bateau sur le fleuve, sailing on my small sailboat, October 2009, (1:31 minutes).
Plaisance sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent, two sandpipers, Sailing my small sailboat on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal. The season is getting near it's end....Too fast, Oct 2009, (3:26 minutes)
Une belle sortie de voile, A beautiful day of Saling on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal, sept 2009, (5:04 minutes)
Short and Sweet !, A very short sailing clip. A windy day on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal. Sepr 2009, (0:25 minutes)
Par un beau Samedi de Septembre, Enjoying one of the last sails of the 2009 season. Nice September weather on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal, Sept 2009, (4:04 minutes)
Voile au Crépuscule, Sailing at Dusk, Sept 2009, (1:56 minutes)
Avec un vent très léger, Sailing in almost no wind. The boat is barely moving against some current. Saint-Lawrence river, Montréal, sept 2009, (3:00 minutes)
Petite brise et ciel bleu, Quiet sailing, Sept. 2009, (1:54 minutes)
Dans le canal Lachine Une ballade au moteur, "Motoring to historical Canal Lachine in Montreal and in Saint-Louis Lake." Sept. 2009. (5:58 minutes) 
Voile et camping, Sailing and overnighting in my small sailboat. Varennes and Boucherville's islands region, near Montreal on the Saint-Lawrence. Sept 2009, (4:25 minutes)
Escapade sur le Fleuve "En allant a Sorel", Three small sailboats, cruising on the Saint-Lawrence. Going from Montreal to Sorel. Aug. 2009 (4:00 minutes)
Un Trio de Sandpipers, vers Sorel, A trio of Sandpipers cruising on the Saint-Lawrence. We went trough many conditions during that short trip from Montreal to Sorel and back, Aug. 2009, ( 7:00 minutes)
Regate amicale Jacques Godin, A friendly race between two sailing clubs of the Montreal region, Aug. 2009, (3:26 minutes)
En face de Pointe-aux-Trembles, Maritime traffic on the Saint-Lawrence, Montreal, Aug, 2009 (5:26 minutes)
Fin d'une journée de voile, Going back to port after a good day of sailing, Aug. 2009, (1:13 minutes)
L'Outarde" Voilier Sandpiper 565, A friend's Sandpiper, Sailing in little wind, with a spinnaker. Aug. 2009, (1:08 minutes) 
Une Ballade A Voile, Always sailing on the Saint-Lawrence river, Aug. 2009, (5:08 minutes) 
Voile Et Mouillage, Sailing and relaxing at our mooring at the marina. East end of Montreal on the Saint-Lawrence river, Aug. 2009, (3:34 minutes)
La petite voile et la machne Le Cargo rouge, "un moment de voile sur le fleauve",  Aug. 2009, Red ship on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal "The wind vessel and the machine". (1:39 minutes)
Quand il y a de la vague, Sailing in motor boats waves. Saint-Lawrence river, Montreal. Aug 2009, (2:40 minutes)
Mon Petit Bateau, Mon Petit voilier, Filmé par un ami lors d'une sortie à deux bateaux. Filmed by a friend during a two boats sortie. Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal. Aug. 2009, (2:18 minutes)
Rencontre, Encounter with big traffic on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal, Aug. 2009, (0:31 minutes)
Un autre tour de bateau, Sailing in gusty conditions, July 2009, (3:12 minutes).
Mon Saint-Laurent, Images of my sailing territory on the Saint-Lawrence, near Montreal, July 2009, (3:18 minutes).
Il était une fois un petit voilier, Sailing on the Saint-Lawrence, east end of Montreal, July 2009, (3:45 minutes).
Voile près de l'Île Sainte Thérèse, Sailing near the east end of Montreal. Sainte-Thérèse island, July 2009, (2:48 minutes)
Voile sous les nuages, July disguised as October! At least there is some wind, July 2009, (3:06 minutes).
Mari-Bell et St Antoni, Sur le fleuve, Two Sandpiper 565 sailboats on the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal, July 2009 (2:48 minutes) 
Voile et moteur, Sailing and motoring on the Saint-Lawrence river, east end of Montreal. Simple fun.
We started with a nice wind but it died out after some times. We had to fire up the motor., June 2009, (2:31 minutes).
Sortie de voile par bon vent, Sailing in nice wind, Le soleil était absent mais pas le vent ! / No sunshine but the wind was present, June 2009, (4:38 minutes).
Ballade au moteur, No wind?... let's fire up that little motor !... It is still a pleasant to be on the water, May 2009, 3:28 minutes).
Le début d'une nouvelle saison de voile, At last!...The beginning of a new sailing season, May 2009, (2:16 minutes).
Voile et fleuve, Diaporama de photos prises sur le fleuve Saint-laurent, près de Montréal, 
Images of the Saint-Lawrence, taken near Montreal, March 2009, (4:09 minutes).
Healing energy, slideshow, A healing energy charged diaporama, Images of the Saint-Lawrence river, near Montreal, March 2009, 5:25 minutes).
Voile sur le Saint Laurent /Sailing on the St-Lawrence river, When I dream about sailing, Feb. 2009, (4:16 minutes).
Sous voiles / Under sails, Under sails images compilation of Mari-Bell, my Sandpiper 565, Feb. 2009, (4:41 minutes)
Vers Trois-Rivières, une rencontre sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent, Feb. 2009, (8:07 minutes)
Sur Le Fleuve, Diaporama of the Saint-Laurent in the Montreal area Jan. 2009, (2:46 minutes).
Avec du vent et de l'eau!, Wind and water sailing, Jan. 2008, (3.45 minutes)
Un tour de voilier sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent Jan. 2009, (5.13 minutes)
Deux Petits Voiliers, En face de Pointe-Aux-Trembles, est de Montreal, Jan. 2009, (4:58 minutes)

Michel Boulet - 2008

Attraper le vent, Mari-Bell my Sandpiper doing her thing. Sept 2008, (2.22 minutes)
Sailing Images (2). "Vues du fleuve", Pictures of where I sail, east of Montreal. Sept. 2008, (3.13 minutes)
End Of Season Sailing, "Quand la saison s'acheve", Sailing on the Saint-Laurent near Montreal. Sept 2008, (3.25 minutes)
September Sailing, A quite sail on a calm September day, east of Montreal. Sept. 2008, (2.35 minutes)
Sailing on a cloudy day, Diaporama, Voile au large de Pointe-Aux-trembles, Sailing on a cloudy day. The feeling is different. Sept 2008, (3:06 minutes)
Le mal de mer /Seasick, sept 2008, (0.55 seconds)
Summer Images, Sailing images from the summer of 2008. Sept 2008, (3.23 minutes)
Sailing Under The Trois-Riviereres Bridge, the conclusion of a Montreal/Trois-Rivieres Cruise. September 2008, (3.42 minutes)
Old Style Sailing Fun, Two Sandpiper 565 having fun on the Saint-Laurent, August 2008, (2:37 minutes).
A Quite Afternoon Sail, Sailing on the Saint-Laurent near Montreal. August 2008 (2.41 minutes)
Good Sailing Ending In A Squall, Sailing in the Montreal region on my Sandpiper 565, July 2008, (2:46 minutes).
"Nous et les autres", sailing in company, July 2008, (7:42 minutes)
Sandpiper 565 Sailing "Remixed", With added music, July 19, 2008 (6:19 minutes)
Motoring to "Vieux Port", Montreal, when there is no wind, July 2008, (7.59 minutes)
Sailing Images, Images de voile, Sailing on my Sandpiper 565. Saint-Laurent river, near Montreal, Quebec, July 2008, (3:24 minutes)
La voile, Voile, Fleuve Saint-Laurent Sept 2006,  A simple sailing video with some beautiful music. July 2008 (4.35 minutes)

Michel Boulet - 2007

Sailing, "I Am Sailing", I don't cross the oceans. I only sail in my backyard, July 2007, (4.37 minutes)
Soft Winds Sailing, Par Vent Leger, Sailing my Sandpiper 565 on a very calm evening, June 2007, (7:20 minutes).
Rosseau Raid 2007, The Sandpiper 565 "Rosseau Raid" 2007, Annual Sandpiper 565 rendezvous. A flock of Sandpiper 565 on Rosseau lake, June 2007, (8.45 minutes). 
Sandpiper 565 Sailing 2, two Sandpipers sailing together near Montreal Oct. 2007 (0:58 minutes).
Sandpiper 565 Sailing. Sandpiper 565 sailboats sailing on the Saint-Laurent, Oct 2007 (2:08 minutes).
Sandpiper565 Sailing 3, Another clip showing this great 18.5 foot sailboat, Oct 2007, (3:15 minutes).

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