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C & L History:

The Canadian history of the production of Sandpipers is due to C & L Boatworks who over the years had various owners and work locations such as;

bullet 1950's, C & L Boatworks, (Croce and Lofthouse), made CL-16 sailboats.
bullet 1970's, C & L Boatworks, Waterhouse & May LTD, (David and Anne Waterhouse, Bob May) who moved it to Pickering Ontario and added the CL-11, CL-14, Echo-12, Code-40, and the Sandpiper-565 sailboats.
bullet 1970's, C & L Boatworks Limited.
bullet 1993, CL Sailboat Shop,  (owner Tom Oleksiuk) who moved it to Fort Erie and added the stealth sailboat.
bullet Up to July 2009, CL Sailboats, P.O. Box 1314, 2439 Garrison Road, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A6G2, Phone (905) 894-2233, Fax (905) 894-6464 
bulletCL Sailboats (bigger location) 967 Helena Street Unit A, P.O. Box 1314, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A6G2, Phone (905) 871-4625, Fax (905) 871-4626
bulletAugust 2010-2018, C & L Boatworks, (owner Dave Ventresca), is located at 976 Helena Street , Unit A, Fort Erie , Ontario , and their phone number is 905-871-GOCL (4625). Email: info@clboatworks.com,Website: CL Boatworks. In the spring of 2018 after 25 years with being involved with C&L Boatworks, Dave has retired and sold the entire C & L Boatworks brand and assets to to Geoff Martin of Velocity BoatWorks.
bulletSummer of 2018, Velocity Boatworks, (owner Geoff Martin) of Velocity Boatworks is the new owner of the C & L line of boats. Based at 446 Hamilton Road, Belleville, Ontario. 613-922-4802.  Geoff is also the builder of the i550 Sports boat and will continue building the C & L line of boats.   

The following classic pictures are from the CL Archives of the building of a Sandpiper S565 in the C & L Boatworks, Waterhouse and May Ltd. facility in 1974-75.  "Thanks C & L Sailboats", for sharing this bit of history with our dedicated S565 sailors!

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