Sailfish or Sandpiper?

If you asked folks which came first "the Chicken" or "the Egg" you would get mixed results but in our case actually it was the Sailfish 18 designed by Leo da Costa/Maxim Marine and was built by Maxim Marine LTD, Warsash, Southampton, England (Skellon Yachts/Victoria Rampart).

Sailfish 18 Design Sailfish 18 Sailfish 18
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The Sandpiper 565 is based on that same design but with some major differences. About 800 Sailfish 18's were built in England and even a very few Sailfish 19's were built. There is even a larger Sailfish sailboat design called the Sailfish 25's but its numbers produced were about 25. The Sailfish 18 is also the prototype design for the new Sailfish 565 that has gone into production. It is built to EU standards that has been modified for mixed ability for use by all the controls being lead back to the top of the coach roof (cabin) with a roller reefing jib and a single line reefing on the mainsail.

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Sailfish Sandpiper


18 (1970 to 1985)
19 (1970 to 1985) 
 565 (2001 to current)
 565 (1972-1993)
L.O.A. 18.6 ft (564 cm) 18.5 ft
L.W.L. 15 ft (457 cm) 15.0 ft
Beam 7.1 ft (218 cm) 7.1 ft.
Draft 1 ft (0.3) 1 ft
Keel Down 3 ft (0.91) 2.75 ft
Sail Area 174 sq ft (16.6) 167 sq ft
Displacement 1000 lb (454kg) 1200 lb
Ballast 250 lbs (113kg) 300 lbs 275
Reefing Boom Rolling Boom Rolling
MainSail Hosting Rope sewn edge Rope sewn edge
Keel Turns 99 97
Windows 3 2
Sleeps 2 4
Stays 3 (some modified to add 2 more side stays to help raise/lower mast and eliminate need for back stay).  3 (some modified to add a back stay)
Cockpit Lower down in boat (with higher sides). Higher in boat (low sides with a step into cabin).

  1. Tuned more to lake and inshore sailing.

  2. Larger sail area.

  3. Lighter in weight (boat weight and keel).

  4. Forward hatch is on deck.

  5. Traveller is full boat width at stern.

  6. 3 Large windows giving a panoramic view.

  7. Rounded forward cabin shape, provided more walk around room inside forward the keel housing.

  8. Cockpit seats can be used as extra berths.

  1. Tuned for exposed sailing.

  2. Sea going coach roof to deflect heavy waves

  3. Better righting in heavy swells due to heavier in weight (boat and keel).

  4. Larger more spacious stern locker with full width cover.

  5. Forward hatch on cabin gives slightly more free board around cockpit.

  6. No mast support needed in cockpit.

  7. More teak decorative wood used.

  8. Larger drain lines 3, with each having own hull-thru's.

  9. Anchor compartment.

  10. Onboard pump out head.

  11. Self draining Cockpit.


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