What's In a Sandpiper Name:

When searching the internet for the name of Sandpiper to find our Sandpiper Sailboats, it can be frustrating as the name sandpiper can also be used for many other items such as the following sample below.  To do internet searches to locate our beloved Sandpiper 565 sailboat you need to be a bit more creative in the search engine requirements.  Hence this website's goal is to become a Sandpiper portal site, to link all Sandpiper 565 items together.

Sandpiper Trailers

HMS Sandpiper

Sandpiper Ultralight Planes

Sandpiper Sailing Canoue

Sandpiper Sailboat, X-Plane
Ground Vehicle, 3D Games.

Marshall 15 foot
Sandpiper Catboat

Sandpiper Birds

Sandpiper Lodges, Hotels, Beaches, Inns, Gift Shops, Golf Course, and Restaurants.

Hovermarine (Canada)


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