Sandpiper Tents, Dodgers, and Sunshades

The Sandpiper sailboat had as an additional purchase option which was a Cockpit Tent Cover. Some Sandpipers even had their own custom tents built over the years. To provide cool shade when at anchor or at the dock, Sandpipers owners have constructed or sewed their own Sunshades or Boom Covers.

Sandpiper Genco Boom Tent
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Tailor made tent that was perfectly waterproof with moderate windage when anchored out in a storm. It had large clear vinyl windows on each side plus a screened window at the stern. 

Sandpiper Dodgers

Sandpiper doger made by Genco Marine
Made by Genco Marine.

Sandpiper dodger
Sandpiper Sunshade \ Boom Covers
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This Sunshade on Shortwave created by Lynda has for maximum protection additional roll up side and aft curtains.

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