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In searching the internet for Sandpiper Forums the following were found. You may have to perform keyword searches to narrow the topics you are looking for.

Sandpiper 565, our online forums here.
C&L Boatworks, CL-Boatworks Arkhives, This forum is operated by CL Boatworks (formerly C&L Sailboats) and is primarily for owners of C&L crafts.
Sailboat Owners, Forum Sandpiper 565
Trailer Sailor, Best to use keyword searches eg: sandpiper, 565, etc..
The Boaters, go to Groups & Forums, search for Sandpiper. 
Sailnet, Forum Sandpiper 565
Wikipedia Sandpiper 565, The free encyclopedia site that you can edit and add more information about Sandpipers.
Boat Design, Best to use keyword searches eg: sandpiper
Sail Halifax, Forums
Talk about boats, Forums Search word: Sandpipers
Boating Forumz, Forums Search word: Sandpipers, Forum Sandpiper 565
GroupSrv, Hobbies, Search word: Sandpiper 565
Boat Talk Info, Forum Search word: Sandpiper 565 
Google Groups, Forum Search word: Sandpiper 565
Groups Yahoo Sandpiper565 Sandpiper 565

Tip: There is also another method (hit/miss) of accessing older messages using search engines like trying this; go to then type in your keyword to be searched followed by a space and then Remember it is hit and miss, as all messages may have not have been indexed by the search engine. If the link to the page you want is missing, then click on the Cached page that was copied and stored on Google. 

-- For ex:  hull will return 10 results for the word hull
-- For ex: 
keel will return 221 results for the word keel
-- For ex: 
sandpiper will return 249 results for the word sandpiper
-- For ex: 
sandpiper will return 55 results for the word sandpiper

 "Personally", it doesn't feel the same as visiting any of the forums in person and conversing with all the community to acquire information, but if you are in dire need of technical help for a major problem or part, "you got to do, what you have to do". 


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