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Sandpiper565 Rendezvous

One of the highlights of the year is when all the Sandpiper Owners get together and Trailer-Sail. We travel from all over towing our Sandpipers to the Rendezvous to have a fun weekend of sailing, and meeting others Sandpiper owners with their families.

The yearly Rendezvous includes a 3 night sleep over on the boats and was set up as an introduction to overnight cruising. Usually the first night (Friday) is spent at the docks which has shower and bathroom facilities and the second night (Saturday) is usually at anchor, and the third night (Sunday) could be a combination. Some folks who travel longer distances to arrive at the Rendezvous extend it a bit by arriving on Thursday and departing on Monday or Tuesday. For those who chose not to sleep aboard usually find overnight accommodations in local Towns or Bed & Breakfasts close by.

The Rendezvous are usually held in August. The locations and dates for each Rendezvous can change from year to year which can add to the excitement and allows for more to attend. Each Rendezvous has been a unique experience for all those who attend and often share memories of past sailing events. At the Rendezvous are fun events and a "Open House" event were Sandpipers owners share helpful tips of sailing and demonstrate personal improvements added to their boats (as some Sandpipers were built back in the 1970's).

You can also click on any pictures to enlarge them or also check out the Movies section of the website to watch Rendezvous Movies. 

- 10th Annual Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous, by Sam on Lake St Clair, 2014.
Sandpiper 565 Rendez-Vous 2013, "Arrivals", by Michel Boulet
- Un Lac Deux Montagnes, "10 Sandpipers", By Bernard Michaud 

Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous Gatherings.

12th Annual Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous (latest updated JULY 12, 2016, 07:00am)

Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous, "The North-West Channel", St. Joseph Island.

August 17-24, 2016, From/to Sault Ste Marie.
August 18-23, 2016, From/to Richards Landing, St Joseph Island.
August 19-22, 2016, Hilton Beach, St Joseph Island.

This years Hosts are Neil, Anne, and Rebekah, and together they are organizing this years Rendezvous. Lets all have lots of Fun and a Great time together. Ste Joseph Island is famous for its Maple Sugar being Ontario's largest producers, and having the Fort that Captured Mackinaw island during the war of 1812.

Exploring the waters of Sault Ste Marie, St Mary's River, St Joseph Island (Richards Landing, Hilton Beach, Milford Haven) and Bruce Mines. Before each Departure, a Skipper Safety Meeting is conducted, attendance required. At each port the Fleet will grow in size.
Since the North Channel is a large body of water that includes St. Joseph Island and Manitoulin Island, we will for our reference we use the term North-West Channel. When most folks say the North Channel they imply areas around Manitoulin Island.


The Sandpiper registration fee which includes the Rendezvous flag is $25.00 Canadian (payable in cash, when you see Neil).
- Since this Rendezvous uses different marinas and restaurants for each stop over, to simplify things, each skipper is simply responsible for themselves and for their crew to pay directly for their own items such as; Fort tour, meals, Marina costs, and boat launching.  Remember you pay the marina harbormaster for 2 nights at Hilton Beach (Friday and Sunday) and additionally two more nights at Richards landing (Thursday and Monday) for the "Plus" Rendezvous.

To register, click the Registration Link on the right,  the link should include some questions into your email and you just provide the following details and we will respond to you by email and by telephone to confirm other details and for emergency contact info. This info will remain confidential, and some of this info will be passed on to each skipper attending. In case the link does not work, cut and past the info on the right. Thanks You, See You all there.

Click here to Email Register for the 2016 Rendezvous

2016 Rendezvous Registration cost $25.00 Pay Neil upon Arrival. 
Boat Name: 
Type: (Sandpiper/CL16/other): 
Sail/Hull number: 
Skipper Name: 
Crew Names: 
Home Phonenumber: 
CellPhone1 (on boat/dock/road): 
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Address Street: 
Postal/Zip Code: 
Family Staying at Inn (Y/N): 
Attending Rendezvous (check all that apply) 
Extended (Y/N): 
Plus (Y/N): 
Traditional (Y/N): 
Any Comments/Concerns: 

AUGUST 17-24,
"Extended" Rendezvous, Sault Ste Marie.

"Lots of Sailing Time "

Arrive: on Wednesday August 17 at the Algoma Sailing Club, (south of Belleview Park) 41 Lake Street, in Sault Ste Marie. Launch your sailboats at the clubs boat ramp and tie up on the West dock and then park/lock your vehicles within the club parking lot. Will return back to S.S.M., on Tuesday August 24. 
Meals: Enjoy a BBQ supper at the clubhouse. Sleep onboard and have your own breakfast, before departure, do prepare a lunch to eat on route onboard as we will not be stopping in USA waters. Thursday supper can be at the Richards Landing local restaurants or eat onboard. 
Depart: Thursday Morning for Richards Landing Marina to meet and greet the arriving Rendezvous "Plus" Group, assist them in launching their boats and socialize. 
Sail Plan: SSM-RL-HB-BML-MHA-HB-RL-SSM: S.S.M. to Richards Landing, same route back. Heading south down through Hayes Lake or Lake Nicolet, then east through the Middle Needbish Channel, then into the St Joseph Channel then south to Richards Landing. Must navigate between buoys. 
Sailing Distance: From S.S.M. to Richards Landing is 21 nautical miles (hence 21 / 3.5 knots per hr =  6 hours average speed)
Sailing Conditions: River, Lake, and Channel Sailing, current in areas and will need to motor, and sailing in areas that may have large freighter/ship movement. Sail down with current, sail back against current slightly slower.
Scenic Views: International Bridge USA/CAN spans, USA Locks, CAN Locks, Sault Ste Marie On/Mi, Freighters, Shoal Island Lighthouse 1890, Richards Landing.
Optional Side Trips ideas by Car before/after: Parks Canada International Locks (free), Bush Plane Museum, Old Stone House, Agawa Canyon tour train.
Costs: Bridge fee from USA/ Mackinaw if from USA, Algoma Sailing Club usage is Free. BBQ supper on Wednesday covered by Neil.
Notes: Expect some time delay when traveling over the International bridge at Sault Ste Marie.
Notes: Since sailing in both USA and CAN waters need all safety gear for both countries and all boat documentation, and personal documentation. While sailing in USA waters, or in shipping cannel, do not touch any shoreline nor do not drop any anchor, as we are leaving  a Canadian port and are only sailing (through USA) to another Canadian port.
Worst Case Scenario: If one cannot sail back, can taxi/car pool back from the island to get vehicle and trailer, drive time is one hour to the S.S.M.)

AUGUST 18-23,
"Plus" Rendezvous, Richards Landing.

"This sail trip is very scenic and is a must see."
Arrive/Marina: on Thursday August 18 at the Richards Landing Marina on St Joseph Island. Launch your boats and park your vehicles. Then enjoy a swim at the WM Park beach just minutes walking west of the Marina. (Those who sail down from Sault Ste Marie will drop anchor at the WM Park Beach and have a swim before arriving minutes later at the marina.) Will returning to R.L. on Monday 23. 
Meals: Supper can be either at the Marina Restaurant LaTerrazz Franzisi from the menu or on your own boat. Sleep onboard and have your own Breakfast on your own boat. Other local restaurants are Moms's and Camile's Island cafe within walking distance downtown.
Island Hospital: Matthews Memorial Hospital downtown.
Gas/Food:  Marina and in town. 
Depart: Friday morning for Hilton Beach Marina and then meet and greet the arriving Rendezvous "Traditional" Group, assist them in launching their boats and socialize. 
Sail Plan: RL-HB-BML-MHA-HB-RL: (Richards Landing to Hilton Beach, same route back. Will sail east under the bridge through the Wilson Channel and then come back west around to Whiskey Rock for rock jumping swim and then leaving heading south east down to Hilton Beach. Narrows, River, and Lake Sailing. Must navigate between buoys.
Sailing Conditions: Small Channel, River and later Lake sailing,  motoring, note strong current under St Joseph bridge 3-6 knots, less current in channel and river.
Scenic Views: Photos of Richards Landing, St Joseph Bridge, Wilson Range Lights 1905, Whiskey Rock Cliff jumping, Sister lighthouse, Hilton Beach.
Boat Side Trips: Cliff Jumping swim off of Whiskey Rock (east of St Joseph bridge).
Marina Costs: You pay, Richards Landing Marina (launch $6.00, and or Slip $1.50 per ft + tax per night).
Notes: Expect some time delay when traveling over the International bridge at Sault Ste Marie.
Worst Case Scenario: If one cannot sail back, can taxi/car pool on the island to get vehicle and trailer, drive time is 25 minutes from Hilton Beach.



AUGUST 19-22,
"Traditional" Rendezvous, Hilton Beach.

"Relaxed open Sailing."

Arrive/Marina: on Friday August 19 at the Hilton Beach Marina on St Joseph Island. Launch your boats and park your vehicles. Then enjoy a short swim at the Beach just walking distance east of the Marina.
Meals: Friday 19 Supper at the Hilton Beach Inn and Sunday 22 Supper at the he Tilting Hilton Steakhouse both from the menu or eat on your own boat. Sleep onboard and have your own Sat/Sun Breakfast on your own boat. Purposed depending one weather is Saturday Lunch is at Bobbers from the menu or on your boat. Then  Saturday 21 Night share snacks at Milford Haven with a Fleet Raft Up before separating for sleeping.
Group Side Trip by Car: Late Friday Evening The famous Ghost Walk at Fort St. Joseph. Notes: Fort St Joseph Ghost Walk: By Reservation, and we will be car pooling, travel time 40 minutes, must assemble and then leave at 21:00 hrs, the last show starts 22:00
Depart: For Bruce Mines Marina (mainland), for lunch at Bobbers and Antique shops and then overnight anchor at Milford Haven or small hog islands area. Both locations are dependant on weather, course may slightly change to met conditions. 
Sail Plan: HB-BML-MHA-HB.
Optional Side Trips before/after: Antique shops in Bruce Mines, Bruce Mines Museum and Mine tour,.
Side Trip Swims: Colville Island beach swim, slightly north of Milford haven.
Sailing Conditions: All Open Lake Sailing, expect wind and waves.
Scenic Views: Hilton Beach, Islands and shore line, McKay Lighthouse at Bruce Mines. 
Marina Costs: You Pay: Hilton Beach Marina (launch $6.00, and or slip $1.75 pr ft +tax per night) Bruce Mines Marina free, Milford Haven free,
Fort St Joseph Costs: $10.00, per person.
Hotel Accommodations: Hilton Beach Inn/hotel Accommodations are available;
Notes: Milford Haven Anchor Overnight, no washrooms.

Hotel Accommodations:

The Hilton Beach Inn over looks the marina, has vacancies, 2 beds per room. 3117 Marks St, 705-246-0063, cell 705-257-5235
and has a car/taxi service for 10 dollars

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Marinas, Towns, and St Mary River from the Waterways Guide chapter 17.pdf


Boating trip to St. Joseph Island and Whiskey Rock

Shipping on the Great Lakes and St Marys River. A Bird's Eye View

Personal Water Craft Trip Sea-Doo from Hilton Beach to Richards Landing to SSM and lock.

St Joseph Island- Fly Over

St Joseph Island bridge

Fort St Joseph 1812 celebrations

Canada AM Live from St Joseph Island - Maple

Rendezvous Discussions: Check out the www.clsailboats.com forums as each year the Sandpiper Rendezvous are started, decided, and promoted  from there.

Fort St. Joseph,
 "Ghost Walk"


Enjoy a warm welcome from the ghosts of Fort St. Joseph.

Hear tales of the past from costumed guides and the eerie sounds of bagpipes and First Nation drums.

Come and meet the friendly spirits of Fort St. Joseph and wander through the candlelit ruins of the old fort and wonder if a War of 1812 soldier, an Aboriginal chief or a fur trader just back from the bush might be peeking over your shoulder.

Listen as costumed spirit guides tell you tales of former Fort St. Joseph inhabitants, all to the ghostly background music of the First Nation drums and bagpipes.

click to expand Sail Plan

St Joseph Island and St Mary's River,  click to enlarge.
click to expand Milford Haven click to expand Whisky Rock cliff jumping
Milford haven (on left) and Whiskey Rock (on right). Whiskey Rock is between Picture and Sapper Islands).

Canadian Chart 2250 - Bruce Mines to Sugar Island, inserts of St Joe Bridge, Bruce Mines, Richards Landing.
Canadian Chart 2251 - Meldrum Bay to St.Joseph Island

Free USA Marine charts (in various formats) download from NOAA, print out, or great to have as a Google app tablet.

USA 14883 Extended and Plus Rendezvous 
USA 14884 Extended Rendezvous, S.S.M.
USA 14882 Milford Haven and Detour


11th Annual Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous.

August 14-17, 2015, Port Carling Ontario, on Lake Muskoka(posted June 10, 2015)

This years hosts are D'Arcy and Lynda Dunal who are organizing this years Rendezvous, who have sent us this update, to keep you all informed.

Boats will be arriving in Port Carling Friday August the 14, 2015. From about noon they will rig and launch at the Bailey Street launch ramp, and then motor up river to the District floating dock on the south side of Dukes. The District has been very accommodating, and we will be tying up there Friday and Sunday night. I prepared a float plan for them to illustrate how the moored boats will not effect navigation of the lock area. I've talked with Ken the Lockmaster and he will make sure we're tied up properly and will set up the washrooms so we can access them at night. Dukes Marine has also been most helpful in offering overflow spaces if they are needed. 

On Friday our sailors will be touring around town, visiting the museum, shopping and exploring the lock area. We will be having a casual group diner at Grand Electric Muskoka. It's a perfect Friday night location as we can keep an eye on the dock and help any sailors who might arrive late to tie up. 

On Saturday morning the fleet will leave Port Carling for a full day of sailing. Our route will be somewhat tentative, depending on wind and weather, but the plan is to head south down the Indian River then sail southeast through the Seven Sisters Islands then on to Beaumaris. After passing Beaumaris we will keep sailing south between Tondern and Squirrel Islands. From there we will make our way out into the middle of Lake Muskoka to watch the Muskoka Lakes Laser Regatta then circle Stonewall Island and head north towards The Kettles. We finish the day’s sail anchored in Long Bay where we will raft up for a community dinner, after which we will anchor individually for the evening.

Sunday morning sees us raising anchor and setting sail again. We will head into East Bay then north along the east side of Acton Island. From there the fleet will head back towards Port Carling skirting Mortimer's Point.

We expect to be tied up at the District dock late Sunday afternoon, and will be having a private dinner at Ella's Restaurant on the patio overlooking the Indian River, weather permitting. We'll spend the night on our boats and Monday morning after breakfast and presentations most will load boats onto their trailers. 

10th Annual Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous, Pure Michigan!

August 15-18, 2014, Lake St Clair, Michigan(posted July 9,2014)

Since this year is the 10th anniversary of the Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous we all need to celebrate and when you celebrate you want to do something real special and different.  For that reason we all going to Michigan for our Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous. Our Michigan Sandpiper Owners are really excited as its a first for them to host this event plus they for once have the shortest drive to trailer or haul their Sandpipers 565 Sailboats.

Lake St. Clair Nautical Map (Chart) ImageBeing an anniversary year we also wish to smash and surpass the all time record number of Sandpiper 565 Sailboats of ever attending an Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous event (just got to beat that # of 11 boats) to celebrate it even more.  With new locations each year ensures that everyone can attend at some time a Rendezvous event that is close to them. Also please remember to bring and fly all your Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous flags that you have collected from each year attended. If you don't have any, well be creative, make your own, fly the Piper!  

This year our Host is Bob (his boat's name is Latis) and combined with his Michigan Sandpiper friends they have organized a busy Rendezvous for us all that will include many items plus river and lake sailings. We will be sailing in the more protective waters of the northern most part of Lake St Clair around Anchor Bay and over to the Bouvier Bay area and possibly around the islands.

This years Hosting sailing Club we will be based out of is the North Star Sail Club (NSSC), which is located right on the mouth of the Clinton River, has 300 members, and has been around since 1946. NSSC is a relatively short distance to motor in/out of the lake. If your not familiar to the area NSSC is just east of the city of Mount Clemens. 

If your looking for navigation maps of the area try these free NOAA Maps; Lake St Clair # 14850 Printable Mini Booklet Chart, or use the NOAA online chart viewer with built in zoom for maps # 14850, 14852, and 14853.

With the Sandpiper rendezvous being in held in Michigan thus may require boarder crossing for some and to reduce any problems one should ensure and have on hand copies of the standard boarder documentations (eg: Passport, Nexus) for; each person, vehicle and boat, safety items for (USA requirements), and knowing beforehand which food items can be carried over (if unsure some may choice to purchase their food items on the USA side). Having a pre-made list of all the items and each's stored locations is a neat idea to be prepared for boarder crossings to find things fast and to be organized. For more information do check out  U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Canadian Boarder Services.


To pre-register and confirm that you will be attending do visit Ken's Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous Registration Site and after your input your registration contact information an conformation email will be mailed back to you.

The Program:

Friday: Arrive at NSSC then launch from the DNR ramp that's 1/2 mile east of the club, have dinner - cookout at the NSSC, and possibly in the evening motor parade up the river to Mt Clemens.
Saturday: Breakfast and Skippers' Meeting at NSSC then sail to Strawberry Island for a swim and lunch, then sail up one of the channels and anchor in Bouvier Bay for the night.
Sunday: Explore Anchor Bay and then back to NSSC and then get ready for dinner at the Crews Inn.
Monday: Breakfast and the Skippers Meeting, wrap-up and good byes, then proceed to haul out at the DNR Ramp.

Cost Summary: its Cheap!

Registration is $50.00 (USA) which covers a 2014 Rendezvous Flag and 2 nights at NSSC. Note that in lieu of direct payment for staying at the club, NSSC has asked that we make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, there is a Launch Ramp fee of $7.00 (USA) if not MI resident and the Parking costs is TBA.

Meals: Except for Sunday Night, All meals are your responsibility, plan simple meals and pack light, makes eating or cooking onboard easy. BYOB.

Friday: Dinner - bring something to grill on the BBQ at NSSC.
Saturday: Breakfast is as you want it. Lunch/snack is on your boat. Dinner - at anchor, prepared on your boat
Sunday: Breakfast is at anchor, on your boat. Lunch/snack - on your boat. Dinner is at the The Crews Inn with entrees range from about $10 to $25
Monday: Breakfast - as you want


9th Annual, August 16-19, 2013, Lac des Deux-Montagnes Lake , Quebec.

Check out the pictures and videos of the 2013 Rendezvous. 

Kenn's photos (boat Lake Effect)
Martin's slideshow (boat Becasseau)
Michel's video, Sandpiper 565 Rendez-Vous 2013, "Arrivals"
Bernard's video, Un Lac Deux Montagnes, "10 Sandpipers" 

This years Rendezvous has been announced for the Two Mountains lake / Lac des Deux-Montagnes Lake area, in western Quebec, north of Montreal between the Carillon and St-A. Bellevue locks.

CHS maps# 1510



Message from Yves, boat La Ribaude, our hosts:

Hi everyone, I have been thinking about the Rendezvous and it could go like this.

- Launching at marina Mariposa, on Rivière-du-Nord, St-André d'Argenteuil. I have meet the owner last fall, He could accommodate 15 Sandpiper for launching and parking. May be a few space on dock, but anchoring by is possible. Just $25 for launching and parking for the week-end. That is a very small marina. Marina is about one mile to the Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes.

- Sailing Saturday from the marina to Oka and back to St-Placide. I will see with the municipality of St-Placide if there can be an exception for eating and sleeping tied to their launching docks.

- Sunday, getting to the Carillon lock and back to the marina.

- The Sunday supper can be at my house that is on the Rivière-du-Nord, about 1 or 2 miles north the marina. Lucie and I would be glad to receive you even if the house will be still in renovation.

See you this summer

8th Annual, August 2012, Mazinaw Lake, near Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Mazinaw is a lake of extremes. It is deep, so deep that it may be hiding a monster of pre-historic proportions. And yet, it has warm sandy beaches that shelf out forever. It is surrounded by citadels of exposed bedrock. The most spectacular being Bon Echo Rock, which towers 400 feet above lake level. The winds on Mazinaw Lake can be gusty and variable and will pounce on an ill-prepared sailor. Or they can be light and fickle and will whisper to a ghosting boat.

Mazinaw Lake is on Highway 41. Crews traveling via Highway 401, will take Highway 41 north from Napanee. Crews approaching from the west on Highway 17 will catch Highway 41 at Pembroke. Crews approaching from the east on Highway 17/417 will turn in Renfrew and head south on Highway 132 which joins into Highway 41.

The fleet will rig and launch from Smart's Marina at the extreme south end of the lake. The cost to launch will be $5.oo IN and $5.oo OUT. There are no services on the docks, but there is a cozy deck for the 1st night's socializing. A barbecue will be available to grill something from your cooler. It will be so great to renew ties with old friends and to make knots with new friends.

Saturday morning, the crews will make breakfast on their boats or on the deck. It will be followed by a chart review of the lake. Then either as a flotilla or one-by-one, the boats will leave to explore the lake's bays and shorelines. Depending on the wind and wave directions, the fleet may anchor and raft at mid-day just off one of Bon Echo Provincial Park's beautiful beaches. It will be a great opportunity for a quick sandwich and a leisurely noodle float.
Saturday evening will be spent rafted to the dock at the Richard's cottage near the north end of the lake. The evening meal will be a fleet potluck. Barbecues will be available, along with a stove and oven. Fresh fish from Mazinaw Lake will be on the menu. If you are an angler, the catch could be extremely fresh. We'll close the evening with a campfire.
Sunday morning, we'll have an Aunt Jemima pancake breakfast before heading out onto the lake. The fleet will sail to Bon Echo Park to explore its facilities. We'll sign up for a boat tour on the Mugwump and get a close-up view of the pictographs. We can get off the boat at the cliff-side dock and take the trail and stairs up to the lookout on top of the rock. The Mugwump will pick us up on its next circuit and return us to the park. The fare is $4.00 per person. Lunch will be at the picnic grounds in the Provincial Park.
Sunday evening will be spent anchored in a bay, or back at the cottage or on the dock at Smart's Marina. We've always prided ourselves at being flexible and adaptable.
Monday will be haul-out from Smart's. Before the boats leave, we'll meet on the deck for the close-out and farewells.

Registration fee will be $30, and includes Rendezvous flag. Other charges have been outlined above


7th Annual, August 2011,Toronto Islands.

(updated June 19, 2011 from D'Arcy Dunal)

To many people, Toronto is……..

Full of Action
Distinctive unique neighbourhoods that make living in a bib city feel like a small town.
Beautiful parks on natural waterways flowing through natural ravines and valleys.

But to sailors Toronto is also…

Full of Sailors of every kind of craft
Steeped in Sailing History
At the edge of one of North America’s largest fresh-water lakes
Tranquil anchorages minutes from one of Canada’s busiest business centres.
Beautiful beaches
Island communities laced with lagoons where boats and bicycles are the main forms of
For a short weekend in August, the Sandpiper fleet will get a small taste of all these
exceptional water’s edge features that make Toronto a very special place to sail.


Boats arrive during the day and make their way to the Queen City Yacht Club (QCYC)
where the fleet will be spending the first night.
There are two options to rig and launch:
Option 1
Rig then launch by ramp at the Jamestown Sailing Club located on Cherry Street in the
Outer Harbour. From this locations it’s a 3.5km sail to QCYC. Cars and trailers can be
parked for the weekend at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) city station parking
lot located 1.2km from the Jamestown Sailing Club. The RCYC city station is also
located on Cherry Street overlooking the Inner Harbour.
Option 2
Rig then launch by crane at RCYC city station. From this locations it’s a 1.4km sail to
QCYC. QCYC has very graciously offered our fleet the use of their fine club for the weekend.
Friday evening would be spent casually getting together.


A relaxed skipper’s meeting would be held at the Island Community Hall just across the
lagoon from QCYC. The island community runs a small cafe there, serving excellent
coffee and fresh baking.
After the skippers meeting we would set sail for a cruise around the island. The direction
we sail would be determined by the prevailing wind of the day. For example if the wind
is a westerly, the fleet would sail into the outer harbour, gunk holing along the north
shore (Cherry Beach) then west along the southern arm towards the southern beaches of
Wards Island. Weather permitting; we would anchor there for a swim.
After our swim we would continue around the islands, cruising by Ontario Place then into
Toronto Harbour where we would sail alongside the city (north) side of the harbour.
After our circumnavigation of the Toronto Islands we would head into the lagoons of
RCYC and tie up in the Shark basin on the South island. We will be met there a member
of the Shark fleet (my brother) and the two Dunal brothers will give the Sandpiper fleet a
brief walking tour of one of the oldest yacht clubs in Canada. The club is one of striking
contrasts from the verandah of the storied old clubhouse you can see some of the most
high tech racing sailboats around, including solid wing catamarans.
After our tour, we will be treated to an esteemed sailors drink, the dark & stormy. We’ll
also learn the history of this venerated sailors drink and its’ Canadian connection.
The South island has barbeques so we would enjoy a shared dinner there. After dinner,
we would head east from RCYC to Sunfish Cut, a narrow channel between Algonquin
Island and Snake Island. In this protected lagoon we would anchor for the evening.
1) I’m still checking on other places to anchor for the night so the Sunfish Cut
location may change.
2) There is a possibility that we may be able to spend the evening at the RCYC. The
South island is a peaceful quiet corner of the club and has excellent bathroom and
shower facilities.
3) QCYC is hosting a barbeque to raise money for Cancer research. It is a short
walk from any of the above locations across the islands to the club if sailors
wanted to partake in this event.


After a very brief meeting, we would head back out into the harbour and sail west to
Wards Island where we would motor between Harlan’s Point and Muggs Island.
Exploring the lagoons of this side of the islands we’ll see The Island Yacht Club, Long
Pond where rowing events are held, the Island School, and the original island light house
(rumoured to be haunted. We would head back out into the harbour by Deep Pikes Cut
passing the Muggs Island Bird Sanctuary.
Depending on time we might engage in some very casual pacing around race marks that
are permanently anchored in the harbour. Racing in Toronto Harbour is very exciting
with its boat traffic and neat gusts generated by the streets between the business district’s
We would head back to QCYC in the late afternoon. Our Sunday dinner would be at the
Rectory Café, a short walk from QCYC.
1) I’m working with the Rectory’s manager to see if we can have a similar laid-back
evening to last year’s Rendezvous. The plan at present would be to have snacks
while mingling and enjoying casual conversations on the café’s patio. The patio
has clusters of tables so we would have a relaxed fixed price meal there too.
As in past years, we would have our closing ceremony Monday morning. QCYC is
closed on Monday’s but the Vice Commodore has told me that he will arrange for us to
have a key in case we need a dry area for our presentation. We could also use the
Community Centre café for this. After the presentations, the fleet would sail back to the
mainland where they would de-rig.


6th Annual, August 16-18, 2010 FroliQUE NatiQUE Rendezvous.

The 2010 Rendezvous was held at the Club de Voile de Grande Riviere (CVGR) Lac Deschene, Aylmer Quebec (Ottawa River). Eleven Sandpipers (22 people) attended the full weekend. We tried to break the record for the most boats attending but tied again with last year total. But then there was one local Sandpiper owner that sailed for a part day making it 12 boats with 23 people. There were 4 other Sandpiper owners that dropped by and just briefly visited bringing the total to 17 Sandpiper Owners attending, which in itself is a record. 

For more information on the Ottawa River and area visit the The Ottawa River Sailing Page

Friday Afternoon/evening: Arrivals and Launchings.
Friday Night: Meet and Greet, Skipper's meeting at the clubhouse, supper and dance at the marina
Saturday Morning: Skippers meeting, then sail up the river.
Saturday Afternoon: Raft up for swim and lunch, then continue on sailing.
Saturday Night: Anchor along beach, have supper onboard, walk around and socialize.
Sunday Morning: Sleep in then by midday, sail back to the club.
Sunday Night: Supper and socializing at the home of Sandude.
Monday Morning: Skippers meeting, awards, Good-bys, haulouts.
Monday Noon: departures.

2010 Frolique Natique Rendezvous: Awards, Prizes, and Draws.
Sandpiper Popularity award: 
CL Sailboats donated a stove, and main and jib sheets.

2010 Frolique Natique Rendezvous, Photos

Sapphire (Super Piper)

5th Annual, August 14 - 17, Bayport Marina in Midland Ontario

The 2009 Rendezvous was held in Midland Ontario utilizing the Bayport Yachting Centre  facilities as home base. The Bayport facilities were top notch, very clean, and the staff were very helpful. Bayport also helped out the Rendezvous with a reduction in price for the entire group. 

The Launch and Haul out used the public boat launch located beside the Midland Sailing Club which was next door to Bayport. 

Some of the Rendezvous highlights were;

Sailing to the top of Beausoleil Island Provincial Park.

Overnight rafting.

Sailing back down and over to Giant's Tomb Island (but when only a few miles away
the entire group decided that there were closer swimming areas.

Swimming as the hot weekend temperatures was 31+ degrees F.

A Chance of winning a new set of tanbark coloured sails (main and jib) that CL Sailboats donated. They were won by John Cunningham.

Bayport Yachting Centre Facilities

Dinning Out on Friday and Sunday nights.

Making New Friendships.

Examining new boat tweaks, ideas and improvements. 

This year had the highest turnout of Sandpipers, 12 boats that attended with only 11 that sailed.

2009 Midland Beausoleil Rendezvous Photos

"Gem" photo album

Dennis's Gallery "Sapphire" photo album

John's Photos "Jenny" photo album

Frank's Pre-Beausoleil Rendezous Sailing "Greatheart"


Midland 2009

Jumping Powerboaters
 wake at Midland.

Beausoleil Island.

4th, August 8 - 10, Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte (Belleville to Picton) 2008.

Bay of Quinte

This year includes 26 miles of Sailing. Launch at the city of Bellville and haulout at Picton. There is a message thread on the CL forum on this event. 

3rd Annual, Lake Rosseau (Village of Rosseau, Muskoka Area) 2007.

Click to Expand: Sandpiper Rendezvous Rosseau Raid

Same great location with 9 Sandpipers attended and 20 miles of sailing. This year on the the second night at anchor will have access to a primitive cottage bathroom and wood fired hot tub. The Village of Rosseau is located at the north end of Lake Rosseau. The lake is smaller than  others, but has much to offer the trailer sailors. It’s beautiful small village is not as commercial as many areas in Muskoka but offers much more to do. Rosseau offered clean clear water with no weeds. Excellent low slope ramp for launching. Excellent mooring with washrooms and showers. Covered gazebo in case it rains. Public dock adjacent to park with superb sandy beach. Muskoka Lakes Marina located next to the public dock. The marina is set up primarily for powerboats but they do have other supplies including  charts. Rosseau General store, Post Office, LCBO / Beer Store, Several bed & breakfasts in the Village, and Farmers market on Fridays. muskoka_lakes_map.htm

2nd Annual, Gananoque area in the Thousand Islands. 2006

.Sandpipers at the Rendezous, click to enlarge
Rafting Up for the Night

Rendezvous 2005, Click on picture to expand it.
Arriving at the dock

A fun filled weekend with 6 Sandpipers attending.

1st Annual, Parry Sound, Big Sound Marina, 2005.

First design of Sandpiper T-Shirts

With 7 Sandpipers attended, one highlight was the pig roast.


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