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Trailer-able Sailboats, plus, Shawn the Sheep, equals, Trouble. Read On.

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If you can remember the TV show called "A Close Shave" with those loveable characters called "Wallace and Gromit".

Well that's when "Shawn the Sheep" made his first appearance. Shawn is a leader of his flock and he like to explore and to be adventurous.

Shawn gets into trouble due to some of his mischief but he is also smart and resourceful and he usually finds a solution to correct the troublesome problems that he causes.

Hey, Shawn is almost like us Sandpiper Owners, who trailer their Sandpiper Sailboats all over the countryside, and also to Sandpiper Rendezvous to raise the sail and explore the abundance of lakes and rivers in the back country. With our shallow draft Sandpipers, can sail in places where many cannot even think of.

Each journey becomes a new adventure to discover and enjoy and thus becomes stories to be told to others, including any encountered problems and how they found solutions to overcome them.

Sandpiper Owners, when purchasing their first Sandpipers, (some have had multiple owners over the years) sometimes need to make them shipshape again and then add some upgrades. Well surprisingly in "
Shawn The Sheep" - "THE BOAT" Season 2 Episode 21, (time length 8 minutes) is a classic case of the Farmer of Mossy Bottom Farm doing the same thing as us Sandpiper Owners.

But as the story unfolds, Shawn, once again, does it with allot more fun and flare. The Farmer who wants to become a captain, purchases a trailerable sailboat, and with his best friend, his trusty Dog named Bitizer, starts to clean it up to make it all shipshape but the farmer gets all dirty in the process and goes inside to clean up.

In the meantime, Shawn's buddies also try to help out, but they also become far too adventurous and explore everything onboard. But then, oh no, somebody, accidentally raises the sails, and then the boat sails all over the Mossy Bottom Farm still attached on the trailer for a wild ride only later throwing out the anchor stops them.

Watching this are those dastardly mischief farm pigs, who are jealous, and they want to take over the ship and they board it. The show now becomes a swashbuckling pirate adventure and up goes the Pirate flag. A fight is on as the sheep crew tries to protect their ship and then finally Blitzer the dog makes them "Walk The Plank" jumping overboard in this adventure.

Later on Blitzer, realizes that the ship is not where it was was parked and not wanting the farmer to know what has happened, tries to push it to move it back but its stuck. Discovering the anchor, it is then carried by Blitzer, but the boat with no one at the helm and with full wind in the sails, sails right over and into in the farmer's swimming pool. Blitzer falls and the swinging anchor then hits the boat so hard the boat that is now holed, and the boat begins to take on water, sinking in the swimming pool.

Then the farmer comes out of the house and discovers it and roars out loud and then tries to bail out the water. Oh Well.

Shawn's animated adventure is quite funny and unique, but yes, Sandpiper Sailboat Owners, can relate to many parts and incidents in the show, and although all the characters portrayed are clay puppets, filmed frame by frame, overall it is amazing how the show is created. So well done, that the episodes are viewed by both children and yes, us adults. With hardly any words ever spoken (just grunts and groans) and it has now been viewed in over 170 counties.

This webpage is also dedicated to my daughter Rebekah as she also loves the shows. (Dad!, DAD! Oh Dad!, no not again, Baaaaa Dad!, GRIN!).

You tube, has lots of episodes online and they are easy to find, by using the You Tube search option.

bullet Shawn The Sheep" - "THE BOAT" Season 2 Episode 21
bullet The Boat, Shaun the Sheep Season 2, Full Episode
bullet Shawn the Sheep, Offical You Tube Channel
bullet Wallace and Gromit, Official You Tube Channel

Disclaimer: The TV shows "Wallace and Gromit", and "Shawn the Sheep", are copyrighted products of Aardman’s Bristol Studio in Bristol, England, who are now celebrating 30 years of production. The shows are very fun to watch.

It's also interesting to note that Sandpiper sailboats were first made in England and then production was moved to Ontario, Canada.

Oh Ya!, Funny things even happen on Sandpiper Sailboats
and on the Sandpiper Rendezvous such as;

bulletWhich skipper who threw his anchor that was so light it skipped across the top of the water, Quebec
bulletThat Pirate crews sailed on Sandpipers sailboats branding swords yelling "Har Ye Matees" and "Har" and "Gurr" they even win and lost their gold coins over their (I's, EYE's) at the Pirate's Supper on Mazinaw.
bulletSailed slower than everyone, found the rudder was all entangled in a mass of weeds when taking a shortcut to go faster on Mazinaw.
bulletThat had a special coveted silver plated anchor on a Sandpiper Bow, was highly protected and well guarded. Who's tried to take it away on Muskoka?
bulletWhich skipper had to re-rig his jib when sailing, as it was up upside down? Then he took the spinner sail out of a bag, and wham, it was a real tangled mess going up. Hessel, MI.
bulletWhich Skipper bounced off a swimming buoy after a group swim? He swears he didn't see it, but everyone else did, in Toronto.
bulletWhich boat took on lots of water (rear cockpit) during a heavy rain storm? The drain was plugged he had a instant bath tub, in Ottawa.
bulletWhich salty captain has his drinks, in a mesh bag cooling in the water. When he had to quickly reverse at the dock, his prop cut the line and all the dinks sunk. Gives meaning to the expression "Bottoms Up". He then got a mask and went diving in Midland.

We could go on and on, but the old saying "What happens at Vegas stays at Vegas", Well I guess you've never been to a Sandpiper Rendezvous, have you? So are YOU going this year? Come and Have some Fun!


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