Ockelbo OS19 Sailboat.

It looks like a Sandpiper, feels like a Sandpiper, sails like a Sandpiper.....
Well basically it is! 

In 1974 Ockelbo Yachts (located in Sweden) produced three types of sailboats. The OS19 by Leonardo de Costa from England, the OS14 by John H.V. Lindblom from Finland and the Distance JR by catamaran specialist Pierre Wahlgren.

The Ockelbo OS19 Sailboat when looking at the photos below closely resembles a Sandpiper. In fact if you knew a bit about history, the Sailfish Sailboat was designed first by Leo da Costa, who also designed the Sandpiper 565, and now we have discovered he also designed the Ockelbo OS19. The numbers produced are unknown and they are hard to find, but we have been able to find a few. As we find out more info we'll post it here.

Can you find and spot the following differences; anchor hatch, size and mounting type of window, forward hatch, location of boom traveller (not at the stern), fixed and swing keel version, table, hull-thrus, interior, hatch rails, and rigging. 

Length: 5.90 m (~ 19.36 ft), Beam: 2.30 m (~ 7.55 ft), Draft: 1.10 m (~ 3.61 ft), Weight: 700 kg (~ 1,544 lbs) 





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